Return to training

We’re Back!

After an extended break, due to the ongoing pandemic, we’re happy to announce that Barry BJJ is back as of the 18th May, with both Tuesday and Thursday sessions returning.

For training to resume on the 18th May, the following guidelines will need to be followed...

Return to training requirements

  • Face masks have to be worn in all communal areas, only to be taken off within the training area.

  • No changing within the facility, you will be required to turn up to training wearing the appropriate kit.

  • Please bring your own water to training

  • You’re NOT to train if you or any person in your household have any Covid-19 symptoms. There will be a zero tolerance approach to this.

  • You will be required to sign in at the facility for Track and Trace. Failure to do so will result in you unable to train.

  • All persons attending must be booked on via the Spaces app and no persons will be allowed to train if they’re not already booked on. Again, there will be a Zero Tolerance approach to this.

  • Please arrive on time and make your way straight to the training area, you will not be allowed in early, so please either wait in your car or outside the facility until it is time to enter.

  • Please do not attend training if you have any skin infections such as Ringworm or Staph, and wait until it has totally cleared up before re-attending.

  • All classes can be booked one week in advance with 14 spots available per session. Should guidelines change, this will open up more spaces for students.

  • Temperature checks will be conducted upon arrival and you will not be able to enter the training area until they have been conducted.

  • Please ensure your kit is clean.

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